Easier said than done.

Janice grew up in a one-horse town.

We should obey the rules.

I ran into a friend of mine on the bus.

I'm getting to it.

Peaches taste sweet.

It's a huge shock to me.

To adopt a sentence, click on the white person icon.

Taft did not like it at all.

This country is really going to the dogs!

Everything you said was false.

Say what you will, I will act on my own judgement.

Just what were you planning?

Thanks for coming back.

Micky is really great. She cooked a wonderful meal for me and even washed the dishes herself.

You and Tammy used to go fishing together, didn't you?

Olof got up to a lot of mischief at school.

I think we have something in common.

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He is rich.

Please don't ask.

Knapper doesn't know much about Australia.


I was right about him.

Space slowly rose from his chair.

They discuss the title of the song.

Have you already eaten at home?

I can't stand getting beaten.


Exploring and populating the newly discovered continent happened over the course of a couple of centuries.


A certain movie was novelized - rather it was a scenario written for a movie that was expanded as a novel and localized to Japanese.

He got his pilot's license.

They wanted the right to govern themselves.

Some people derive pleasure from watching horror movies.

Olivier chuckled nervously.

What can we do for her?

Go outside and play.

She owns many valuable works.

As he grew excited, he spoke more and more rapidly.


I am a Teochew.

Come into the room at once.

He does not know how to solve the problem.

Don't be a jerk.

I'm looking for reasonably-priced accommodations.


This building has three floors.

When unlike is joined to unlike, the result is called harmony.

You know your rights.

Jeanne passed away on Monday.

Let's talk about Thomas's problem.

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Tatoeba is culture.

I've gone to Kyoto twice.

We won't go back to Boston.

I have a schedule.

I can't believe I locked myself out again.

Jacobson sent me a note.

He continued working all day.

Martha whispered something in Kinch's ear and she nodded.

You broke nothing.

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Anne Lisbeth was a beautiful young woman, with a red and white complexion, glittering white teeth, and clear soft eyes; and her footstep was light in the dance, but her mind was lighter still.

I've got a surprise for you in this package.

You should be careful not to bother him.


I understand this used to be Duncan's.

The song always reminds me of my childhood.

Laurianne and Panos are going to tie the knot this spring.


I was at home until noon yesterday.

He answered my question easily.

You can't force something on me that I don't want to do.

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I cast about for a suitable reply.

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Children are easily influenced by advertising.

I met a friend I hadn't seen for three years.

All I have is a book.


Sorry, "my hands shuddered with the cold" was a bit over the top.


Varda would be very proud of you.

Marguerite realized something was very wrong.

Remember these rules.

Have you told Merat about your back pain?

You should choose a job in relation to your talents and interests.


Bernard reached over and opened the glove compartment.

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You don't own me.

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Monty is in his room studying French.

I never doubted that.

The fireplace, lacking firewood, flames already starting to lose their vigour.

We recoiled from the enemy's offensive.

I explained it to her.

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Do you think that you can put your idea into practice?


I believe in that.

Tran is moving out of town at the end of this month.

Do you have a subway map?


He didn't invent gunpowder.

I don't want to bother them.

Times change, and we change in them.

I don't eat chicken skin.

I am pleased at your success.

To kill someone for committing murder is a punishment incomparably worse than the crime itself.

I have three cousins on my mother's side.

Cary ripped us off.

No stars are to be seen in the daytime.


I never would have imagined Kristi would be able to do that.


I was in the front seat.

Yes, I'm coming immediately.

So what happens now?

I'll go get Patty.

I have a feeling you'll be a very good lawyer.

I like the boy all the better for his honesty.

I said I wouldn't tell Lynn.

Please take Sabrina with you.

I'll get Moe ready.

Is it valid to say that all men are created equal?

The kingdom ruled over that land for years.

Yea, I guess you can call that a supermarket.

Janet smiled humbly.

Where's Takayama?

You'll get it someday.

That was him.

He had the nerve to say that.


I don't understand why Santa doesn't like me.

Rob wants to go to graduate school.

We've come for Kirk's things.

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It was a very, very hot night.

Liyuan put his clothes in the suitcase.

Are you blushing?


I'd like to make a person-to-person call to Japan.


They've been very nice to me.

They came to John and told him.

In brief, you should have accepted responsibility.

This room is not suitable for sleeping.

It's more fun in the Philippines.

I love judges, and I love courts. They are my ideals, that typify on earth what we shall meet hereafter in heaven under a just God.

Bobby had to tell Barrio the truth.

Don't you recognize the symptoms?

I just needed Wolf for a second.

Don't try what you're about to see at home.

Even though it's small, it's a great restaurant.

His words aroused my competitive spirit.

What types of sandwiches do you have?

Vassos was in the room.

It was OK.

I'm not going to let you go to the dance with Winston.

Would you mind my opening the door?

I'd rather have a room of my own, however small it may be.

Let's play by ourselves.

Don't let anyone hurt Kirk.

I have given myself to music.


Why don't you take the cat out with you?

I wanted to talk to you about your grades.

Linder will never obtain my consent to marry my daughter.


We can't judge him; he did what he could.

He apologized to me.

We ought to be ready for whatever comes.

Let's go find a place that serves Buffalo wings.

This is a common misspelling.

Please give up smoking.

I've almost finished my work.

As new competitors and predators arrive, even the most abundant Arctic species in the northern Barents Sea, the local Polar cod, could become extinct.

Glass is breakable.

Socorrito didn't actually see what happened.

I have an itch in my pubic area.

Alvin doesn't want Konrad to sing at his party.

He runs faster than me.

Robert Hansen was arrested on suspicion of having sold off secret information to the former Soviet Union.

To burn always with this hard, gem-like flame, to maintain this ecstasy, is success in life.

It was yesterday that I saw Everett in the park with Laurence.

Lobbyists for the bill funneled bribes into a campaign fund.


Rolf used to earn $30,000 a month.

They are evacuated to an American field hospital.

Jenine fell in love with the captain's daughter.

He let her kiss him.

I talked to friends.

They will have arrived there before you start.

There are too many bridges in this city.

I've done all that.

I am sure of his winning the tennis match.

Nancy comes from what we call the aristocracy.

Neal is waiting inside.